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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Outfit Inspiration

This weeks outfit planning is inspired by CineConcerts and the first Potter movie, the Sorcerer's Stone. Every year when we get ready to attend Harry Potter in concert we are always discussing what we will be wearing.

People attend these events in everything from t-shirts to ballgowns to house robes, so we've come up with a few options to share. We will be doing a series and have one for each movie. We will also start linking the items we are able to from each look. Some links will be affiliate links.

Amazon Links for Items


Golden Snitch Skirt

Snitch Top and Shoes

Harry Potter

Clear Umbrella

Plaid Shirt


Snitch Loungefly - Affiliate Link

Round Glasses - Zenni Affiliate Link

Student Dress

Gryffindor Student

Here are two of our outfits come to life

What looks are your favorites? What looks do you want to see? Have you created a look you want to share? Submit it to us!

Keep Creating!

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